Resume Cover Letter Examples

Resume cover letter examples found online and in books give you a glimpse of how a cover letter should look like and sound like. First off, the cover letter should be submitted along with a resume. It should be well thought of and well written to make a good impression on the reviewer or recipient of the letter. There can be several different examples of how you should write one.

First you start of by writing the date when you have written your cover letter on the upper left hand corner, followed by the complete name of the recipient, his or her position and complete address, together with his or her contact information. Then you start of with the salutation, “Dear Mr. / Mrs. / Dr. ____.” On the first paragraph, you write briefly the position you are applying for and how you came across their advertisement or where you heard that there is an opening in their organization for that position. You can start by saying, “I read in the ____ newspaper that you have an opening for the position of ____.” You specify the position that you are applying for as sometimes it makes it hard to sort the applicants for a certain position when it is not specified in the cover letter. Then you proceed to the next paragraph stating your experience, skills, achievements, and educational background. This is the paragraph where you sell yourself and make a good and lasting impression, one that will make them call you in for an interview. State why you are the best person to hire and how suitable you are for this position. You can say, “I recently graduated from Harvard University and I have had experience working as an intern in ____.” You can also enumerate all your accomplishments and your strengths. Then you proceed to your closing paragraph where you tell them what you plan to do next. You can end of the cover letter by saying, “I am looking forward to working with you, please contact me. I am available for interview any time you see fit,” or “I will be waiting for your kind and prompt response,” or “I will contact you within the week to follow up on the status of my application process.”

Resume cover letter examples show you that it is important to take note of spelling and grammar. Make sure there are no misspelled words or grammatical errors as this may make a bad impression on the reader and may cause him to scratch you off the shortlist. Write your cover letters with your own words. Do not copy from other cover letters or from those you find online or in books as these will be easily noticed by the recipient. Note that you should use terms, words and phrases that are significant and meaningful to the employer. To do this, you should do a little background research on the company or organization. This will give them a good impression about you, knowing that you have done research on their company and you are really interested in being part of it.

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