YOU –  Building a Personal Brand

Building Brand

In a tight economy (or any economy) there are usually a large number of people applying for the same position. While many of them may be well qualified, the ones that get the interview are the ones who know what they have to offer and know how to package it – in their lives and in their cover letter.  You really are your own personal brand, and knowing how to simplify your offering and package it in a way that people will understand is the best way to stand out from the crowd. Many cover letter templates don’t allow for this kind of personal exploration, so make sure you find one that helps you communicate your brand to your potential employer.

The strength of any brand be it a product, service or person is the strength of its relationship with those who interact with it.  If you can’t send a message that distills who you are and what you’re about in simple, understandable language or behavior, then your ‘brand” can’t flourish.  Choosing the right cover letter template is a great way to help you focus on a relationship with your potential employer and demonstrate who you are, but first, you need to understand yourself.

It sounds complex, but it’s a very simple process.  Begin by sitting down and evaluating yourself.  Look at your strengths, your weaknesses, and your areas of opportunity.  Are you an up-front brand, outgoing and ready to set the world ablaze?  Or are you a thinker-brand, who solves problems behind the scenes? Know who you are and what you do well, and then break it down to the most simple of terms – terms that the right cover letter template can help you explore.

It’s easy to get off-track during this process, but it’s important not to be all things to all people.  You can be versatile without being a “jack of all trades – master of none.” Think of some of the strongest brands in the world.  They don’t get bogged down in areas that don’t fit their brand. Does Nike sell food?  Does Coca-Cola sell phone service? These brands know what they represent and stick to it.  To be a successful brand yourself, you must always be ready to ask; “does this fit with my brand’s identity?  If not, move on.

Find the power of your own brand, find a cover letter template that helps you communicate who you are, and let the interviews begin!