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Enhance Success Factors Exponentially With An Excellent Cover Letter Template

A cover letter must sell. But we’re not all salesmen. That is why you need a cover letter template.

Like it or not, the cover letter template you decide to use can literally make or break you. No matter what the usage context or underlying nature of the inner substantive content it introduces, selling is the ultimate fundamental purpose underlying all cover letters.

Specific objectives vary from one author to another and even on different occasions. Nonetheless, in the cover letter context, quality and concision are the constant operative catchphrases.

Some Basic Terminology Clarification

As the term implies, a “cover” letter is an exterior veneer that portends what it purports to introduce. That is why those who design good cover letter samples always ensure that the letter’s eventual author will be able to fulfill their initial promises.

The Lesser of Two Evils

Much like super scores on standardized admissions tests or a great grade-point average, having a good cover letter is often of limited help. On the other hand, having a bad one can immediately kill any hope of success.

A Proper Focus Is Key When Deciding on a Cover Letter Template

A Cover letter template can be a great tool.


When deciding which cover letter template to employ, always remember what its basic function should be. All too often, people make the fatal error of thinking that cover letters are condensations of their accompanying presentations. Nothing is further from the truth.

The first and foremost function of cover letters is to introduce. Imagine the following scenario: Suppose a friend introduced you to a perfect stranger at a party. At first blush, he or she appealed to you. Immediately after the initial introduction, however, he or she began bending your ear and following you around while blabbing their entire life story. Would your response be attraction or repulsion?

Like delicious candy, the substantive content of your presentation must be consumed slowly for the recipient to savor it properly. Thus, think of the best cover letter template as analogous to a culinary recipe or computer algorithm. It must include the basic ingredients and instructions for the final result to turn out right.

The Best Is Yet To Come

Like the prologue to a best-selling book or appetizer to a delicious gourmet meal, cover letters must whet the reader’s whistle. This means that it must entice them to read further.

Believe it or not, good cover correspondence makes this more likely than mere voluminous submissions by themselves. More often than not, your target audience will balk and such intimidating sights.

A Cover Letter Template Makes Life More Manageable

A superior coverletter template helps you break down this otherwise-intimidating task into bite-size “pieces” by providing an effective preview. In fact, truly great cover letter

templates enable you to do this so effectively that your reader’s curiosity and intrigue will increase to a feverish pitch. He or she will be unable to rest or concentrate on anything else until after reviewing your materials!

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