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Having ample cover letter samples suitable for your personal needs is very important. In fact, it means the difference between success and failure. No matter what your motive for a given communication, proper form is pro forma.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

Your initial introduction sets the tone for all future interaction. If you needed a costly plumbing repair, would you want to work with someone wearing tattered clothes who arrives in a battered van and sports Stone Age pluming tools?

Or, would you rather do business with a professional who arrives in a shiny, late-model vehicle who wears a clean uniform and has the latest tools in hand?

The first person may actually have a lot of experience and be highly-qualified. The second may be a mere apprentice who has not even learned the basics. However, you are much more likely to have confidence in him or her. This is due to the outer aura of confidence and competence they exude.

The same holds true with written communications and visual presentations. Taking the lead by following a quality cover letter format is like hiring a tailor to design a custom-fit business suit in order to “dress for success.”

Free Cover Letter Samples: Not a One-Size Fits-All Proposition

Many online sites offer so-called “free” cover letter samples. Such “bargains” are not worthwhile. They almost always have some strings attached. Invariably, there is some kind of “catch.” Usually, you are unable to print, e-mail, or save the beautiful new cover letter you have worked so hard to construct that is displayed on your screen.  Unless, of course, you pay a substantial subscription fee or other charge.

Unlike unscrupulous competitors, we operate a tight ship.  Our operation is completely above-board. Our years of experience and specialized expertise help you put your best foot forward – the first time!

E-mail Cover Letter Samples

Don’t make the mistake of failing to polish electronic presentations to as high a gloss as that of your paper persona. Our e-mail cover letter examples distinguish you from the crowd of other applicants that bombard prospective employers.

Resume Cover Letter Samples

The right resume cover letter is essential for making a positive, lasting impact. This is what gets you seriously reviewed and subsequently interviewed. Whether a contact is “cold,“ a referral, or a job promotion solicitation, we have an appropriate resume cover letter sample.

Job-Specific Cover Letter Sample

Our enormous assortment of job-related cover letter templates let you work your way from general to specific. Our examples range from college and high school students’ summer applications to mid and upper-level managerial or professional positions.

Career-specific samples

We also provide cover letter samples categorized by career level. With our tremendous array of varieties and styles, you may pick the perfect samples for any job title.

Our comprehensive inventory includes cover letter templates for administrative, business, customer service, education, IT, managerial, marketing, retail, sales, and many other specialties.

Generalized Samples

In addition to the above categories, we offer a colossal supply of individually customizable templates. Inquiry letters for unadvertised openings and writer query cover letters are just two examples.

All of our extraordinary cover letter samples feature adjustable fonts, formats, and layout designs. You can even pick and choose from different cover letter samples to find that “just right” combination.

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