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Avoid Major Snares and Snafus with a Superior Cover Letter Sample

Face it, folks. Widespread ignorance is the biggest reason why consumers buy a high-quality cover letter sample. For the most part, prospective users of these dynamic literary devices do not have a clue about correct format, punctuation, or stylistic approach.

A Cruel Quandary


Don’t be the lazy guy that grabs the nearest “Free” cover letter sample.

Although keenly aware that a cover letter is crucial for conveying the ideal initial impression, many allow ignorance to stifle their chances of success. Accordingly, they forego the inclusion of a cover letter entirely or worse yet – make a bumbling inept effort based upon some “free” generic cover letter sample.

“Nothing in life is free.” This quip is actually quite correct. The fact is that everything carries a cost – in some form or another. Much like the advertising slogan of a major muffler repair chain, “Pay me now or pay me later,” every cover letter sample carries a cost. Rather than a matter of “if” you pay for it, the real inquiries at hand are “when” and “how” you will pay. Essentially, the choice boils down to whether the cost is extracted via continuous missed opportunities or one minimal initial price.

 Anatomy of a Cover Letter Writing Failure

Following are the most common mistakes committed in connection with cover letters:

  • Total Omission

As in liturgical realms, the nature of literary arenas allow for the possibility of two types of cardinal sins: commission and omission. As in more esoteric environments, the latter term denotes complete failure and total dereliction of duty.

Failing to include a cover letter with a specific submission can be just as fatal as including an incompetent, incomplete, or inappropriate documentary introduction.

  • Cramming and Jamming

As the terms imply, these blunders occur when excessive information or data is included within cover letter sample contents. Not only does such an error create visual clutter; it is also an immediate turnoff to sustained reader interest. Rather, the primary objective must always remain introduction. Piquing the interest of your intended audience is the name of the game.

  • Grammar Errors

It is self-evident that a cover letter chock-full of incorrect grammar, misspellings, and improper punctuation does far more harm than good. Utilizing the spell-checker features so commonly incorporated within popular word processors is not a perfect solution, either. Such software routinely ignores or fails to detect many improper word occurrences like “form” instead of “from.”

  • Inferior Focus

In addition to the above errors of form, a major substantive error risked by those who opt for cover letter “self-creation” is inadequate emphasis on relevant ideas.  The profile of your intended audience, nature of the substantive content, purpose of your presentation, and the general circumstances in which it is presented and likely to be received must be accounted for. No prudent person, for instance, would ever want to use the same tone in an investment prospectus cover letter as that of an introductory “query” letter to a major publisher of children’s books.

The Important Ingredient? A Quality Cover Letter Sample

The foregoing discussion clearly illustrates how imperative it is to have the highest-quality cover letter sample at your disposal. Our comprehensive selection of customizable cover letter templates allow you to create the ideal combination for any presentation or special occasion.

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