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Flexible Cover Letter Templates Facilitate Career Success!

Currently, there are thousands of cover letter templates available online. Making the best choice from this colossal collection might seem impossible. Out of frustration and confusion, many web surfers who seek jobs simply give up and use the first template that shows up within search query results.

Taking such a tack is a tragic mistake that leads to needless heartbreak and failure. Following are some hints for wading through treacherous virtual “seas” of cover letters samples:

Using Cover Letter Templates for Attractive Visual Appearance


You know what they say – if you got it, flaunt it. So try to pick cover letter templates that allow you to show off your skills and talents.

Fabulous eye appeal is the first and foremost requirement of fantastic cover letter templates. Put yourself in the place of Human Resources personnel. Like other executives, their professional plates are full and time is always in short supply.

Thus, good cover letters must be both professional and eye-catching. Inadequate attention to detail quickly destroy your chances for further consideration. Quality cover letters must be concise, yet fully convey all pertinent personal and professional assets. Attaining this delicate balance is not easy.

Rising to the Occasion

Along these lines, it is essential to have an adequate supply of position-specific cover letter templates. It is imperative for the color scheme, format, and overall layout of your cover letter properly fit your intended purpose. For instance, kindergarten teaching applicants and new MBA graduates would want to project very different images in their respective resume cover letters.

Make a Statement

In addition to being the best fit for a given industry or position, a cover letter template must also be capable of conveying your individual personality. After all, everyone knows that managers, teachers, authors, and mail sorters do not think or act alike. Accordingly, good cover letters should reflect your unique problem-solving approach.

Content Is Key

Although overall visual aesthetics and format are vitally important, actual cover letter contents are also crucial. This makes cover letter templates with customization capability very valuable.

If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

Cover letter templates can be a great tool.

Your goal is to rapidly capture your intended recipient’s rapt attention very quickly. If you have pioneered or implemented some especially effective technique or trade or professional process, indicate this immediately. In the context of cover letter construction, modesty might be more costly than you think.

Imagine the ideal cover letter template as a gourmet meal appetizer. Whet would-be employers’ appetites with a smidgen of specific facts, figures and details. Examples include statements like “Increased gross sales revenues 300 percent in a single quarter,” or “Named ‘Employee of the Month’ three times within the same year.”

Including such tidbits in a cover letter are sure to get your resume retained and reviewed most thoroughly.

Alternating Angles

Applicants in today’s competitive job market must be both flexible and adaptable. Many people are reassessing prior experience with a view toward “transferable skills.” In other

words, they are asking themselves “what things have I done before that may be useful in other work settings?”

For instance, good cover letter templates can help a long-time switchboard operator break into a customer service career. This is done by emphasizing skills instead of specific prior positions.

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