Resume Cover Letter Examples

Resume cover letter examples found online and in books give you a glimpse of how a cover letter should look like and sound like. First off, the cover letter should be submitted along with a resume. It should be well thought of and well written to make a good impression on the reviewer or recipient of the letter. There can be several different examples of how you should write one.

First you start of by writing the date when you have written your cover letter on the upper left hand corner, followed by the complete name of the recipient, his or her position and complete address, together with his or her contact information. Then you start of with the salutation, “Dear Mr. / Mrs. / Dr. ____.” On the first paragraph, you write briefly the position you are applying for and how you came across their advertisement or where you heard that there is an opening in their organization for that position. You can start by saying, “I read in the ____ newspaper that you have an opening for the position of ____.” You specify the position that you are applying for as sometimes it makes it hard to sort the applicants for a certain position when it is not specified in the cover letter. Then you proceed to the next paragraph stating your experience, skills, achievements, and educational background. This is the paragraph where you sell yourself and make a good and lasting impression, one that will make them call you in for an interview. State why you are the best person to hire and how suitable you are for this position. You can say, “I recently graduated from Harvard University and I have had experience working as an intern in ____.” You can also enumerate all your accomplishments and your strengths. Then you proceed to your closing paragraph where you tell them what you plan to do next. You can end of the cover letter by saying, “I am looking forward to working with you, please contact me. I am available for interview any time you see fit,” or “I will be waiting for your kind and prompt response,” or “I will contact you within the week to follow up on the status of my application process.”

Resume cover letter examples show you that it is important to take note of spelling and grammar. Make sure there are no misspelled words or grammatical errors as this may make a bad impression on the reader and may cause him to scratch you off the shortlist. Write your cover letters with your own words. Do not copy from other cover letters or from those you find online or in books as these will be easily noticed by the recipient. Note that you should use terms, words and phrases that are significant and meaningful to the employer. To do this, you should do a little background research on the company or organization. This will give them a good impression about you, knowing that you have done research on their company and you are really interested in being part of it.

The Secret Behind Every Great Internship Cover Letter

Most interns understate the importance of a well-written internship cover letter. They hurry through the process of writing their internship cover letters, not realizing they they’re probably losing their shot at that much-wanted training slot.

What every aspiring intern should realize

Not everyone gets a chance at becoming a student trainee in a big company. This means that interns, even though they’re not professionals just yet, should step up in the game and be as competitive as actual job seekers. The competition starts at the very onset of application, and this means that everything depends on how well their resume cover letters are written.

What makes an effective internship cover letter?

You can’t write your cover letters spontaneously. Cover letters, like any kind of business letters, follow a specific format. This doesn’t mean that you should sound stiff and boring in your cover letter. You can use your own words instead of the textbook samples available online, but you should at least follow the structure. Structures are very good for recruiters who lack the time to sift through disorganized cover letters.

Basic Parts and Format of an internship cover letter

The first paragraph of your cover letter should be a detailed listing of your most significant skills. By significant, we mean actual, professional skills that the company can make use of. You might be a skilled singer, but unless you’re training for a media or singing-related job, this skill won’t hold water. If you’re applying for an internship at a magazine, focus on your writing or layout skills. If you’re applying as an intern for a business man, you should mention skills and characteristics that are significant to marketing.

The second paragraph of your cover letter should clearly indicate your intention. This means that you need to state that you’re looking for an internship for the company. Remember that your resume and cover letter will most probably be handled by the same person who takes care of actual job applications. This will help your recruiter gauge your application in the right light.

The third part of your cover letter will contain your top four achievements as a student. You should choose these achievements very well because they will determine whether or not you’re the best candidate for the internship.

You should then close with a very positive end note, expressing your hopes of being able to train under the company.

Other things to think about in writing your internship cover letter

Although you’re writing in your own words, you should still maintain the right tone. You shouldn’t sound too casual in your cover letter that you’ll seem too impolite or arrogant. You must try not to be too long winded that “flowery” that you end up sounding too insincere for the recruiter. Try to sound polite, but succinct and straight to the point. The recruiter will abhor your overflow of useless adjectives if they’re empty and insignificant for the job.

There is a list of words that are usually used in resumes, and they’re the adjectives that are acceptable in applications such as this one. Just type in “resume power words” in any search engine, and you can take your pick. These are one-word wonders that can give your resume and cover letter the added kick without seeming too overbearing.

Also, you should research the name of the hiring manager or recruiter in charge of choosing interns. Addressing an individual authority is always more polite and professional compared to addressing the company in general.

Cover Letter Examples

Contemporary Cover Letter Examples Offer Extended Coverage!

Scholarship application accompaniment is a somewhat obscure and oft-forgotten use of quality cover letter examples. There are nowadays many situations that require displaying your occupational and professional strengths in the highest light.  When seeking economic assistance for education, making the right initial impact is especially important.  Test

No Longer of Limited Application

Once upon a time, employment-related usage was the exclusive purpose of high-quality cover letter samples. Not anymore. Nowadays, cover letter examples enjoy ever-increasing popularity in all endeavors.

For Best Results, Put Best Foot Forward

Using great cover letter examples is an excellent way to make a great first impression.

Would-be pupils who want any form of high paying job often utilize cover letters to favorably impress and sway decision makers. Like hiring personnel at major corporations, scholarship review boards receive hordes of applications.

Making the right positive initial impression is important for making yourself stand out from the crowd of competitors for college funds.  A good scholarship application cover letter should entice the reader to review the accompanying submission closely.

Pertinent Points in Cover Letter Examples

All good educational cover letter examples must have the capacity to include answers to the following questions:

  •     Why should they select me instead of someone else?
  •     If you have a stellar academic performance, this attribute must be appropriately stressed and showcased.
  •     What unique background aspects do I have to offer?

Perhaps your family is of modest means and you have managed to pull yourself up “by the bootstraps” to get where you are. Or, maybe you have some unique research experience or relevant accomplishment. This would include accomplishments like innovative research techniques or having previously completed and published a comprehensive study. These things must be stressed right away in your initial introductory presentation.

How will awarding the funds to me ensure their highest and best use?

Believe it or not, scholarship grants represent investments.  Rewarding entities seek some type of return on this investment with sufficient yields and continuous dividends.

Perhaps you plan a career in public service. Maybe you want to pursue a sub-specialty in which there is a critical shortage of practitioners. These are the type of things to stress in your application cover letter.


Cover letter examples

If the scholarship were specific to some particular personal background or characteristic, you would want to stress this in your application cover letter.

Academic Fellowships and Other Lofty Aspirations

Like pecuniary-minded colleagues, scholars in search of coveted fellowships and similar positions must also project the proper image.

Although very similar to traditional employment solicitations, prestigious assistantships and fellowships require a somewhat different approach. Our Education cover letter examples

have customizable templates that help you highlight individual academic accomplishments to highest advantage.

Perhaps you excelled in a certain major or study concentration that is applicable to the position you are applying for.  Our selection of scholastic-oriented cover letter samples serves your purposes quite nicely.

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Cover Letter Template

Enhance Success Factors Exponentially With An Excellent Cover Letter Template

A cover letter must sell. But we’re not all salesmen. That is why you need a cover letter template.

Like it or not, the cover letter template you decide to use can literally make or break you. No matter what the usage context or underlying nature of the inner substantive content it introduces, selling is the ultimate fundamental purpose underlying all cover letters.

Specific objectives vary from one author to another and even on different occasions. Nonetheless, in the cover letter context, quality and concision are the constant operative catchphrases.

Some Basic Terminology Clarification

As the term implies, a “cover” letter is an exterior veneer that portends what it purports to introduce. That is why those who design good cover letter samples always ensure that the letter’s eventual author will be able to fulfill their initial promises.

The Lesser of Two Evils

Much like super scores on standardized admissions tests or a great grade-point average, having a good cover letter is often of limited help. On the other hand, having a bad one can immediately kill any hope of success.

A Proper Focus Is Key When Deciding on a Cover Letter Template

A Cover letter template can be a great tool.


When deciding which cover letter template to employ, always remember what its basic function should be. All too often, people make the fatal error of thinking that cover letters are condensations of their accompanying presentations. Nothing is further from the truth.

The first and foremost function of cover letters is to introduce. Imagine the following scenario: Suppose a friend introduced you to a perfect stranger at a party. At first blush, he or she appealed to you. Immediately after the initial introduction, however, he or she began bending your ear and following you around while blabbing their entire life story. Would your response be attraction or repulsion?

Like delicious candy, the substantive content of your presentation must be consumed slowly for the recipient to savor it properly. Thus, think of the best cover letter template as analogous to a culinary recipe or computer algorithm. It must include the basic ingredients and instructions for the final result to turn out right.

The Best Is Yet To Come

Like the prologue to a best-selling book or appetizer to a delicious gourmet meal, cover letters must whet the reader’s whistle. This means that it must entice them to read further.

Believe it or not, good cover correspondence makes this more likely than mere voluminous submissions by themselves. More often than not, your target audience will balk and such intimidating sights.

A Cover Letter Template Makes Life More Manageable

A superior coverletter template helps you break down this otherwise-intimidating task into bite-size “pieces” by providing an effective preview. In fact, truly great cover letter

templates enable you to do this so effectively that your reader’s curiosity and intrigue will increase to a feverish pitch. He or she will be unable to rest or concentrate on anything else until after reviewing your materials!

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Cover Letter Sample

Avoid Major Snares and Snafus with a Superior Cover Letter Sample

Face it, folks. Widespread ignorance is the biggest reason why consumers buy a high-quality cover letter sample. For the most part, prospective users of these dynamic literary devices do not have a clue about correct format, punctuation, or stylistic approach.

A Cruel Quandary


Don’t be the lazy guy that grabs the nearest “Free” cover letter sample.

Although keenly aware that a cover letter is crucial for conveying the ideal initial impression, many allow ignorance to stifle their chances of success. Accordingly, they forego the inclusion of a cover letter entirely or worse yet – make a bumbling inept effort based upon some “free” generic cover letter sample.

“Nothing in life is free.” This quip is actually quite correct. The fact is that everything carries a cost – in some form or another. Much like the advertising slogan of a major muffler repair chain, “Pay me now or pay me later,” every cover letter sample carries a cost. Rather than a matter of “if” you pay for it, the real inquiries at hand are “when” and “how” you will pay. Essentially, the choice boils down to whether the cost is extracted via continuous missed opportunities or one minimal initial price.

 Anatomy of a Cover Letter Writing Failure

Following are the most common mistakes committed in connection with cover letters:

  • Total Omission

As in liturgical realms, the nature of literary arenas allow for the possibility of two types of cardinal sins: commission and omission. As in more esoteric environments, the latter term denotes complete failure and total dereliction of duty.

Failing to include a cover letter with a specific submission can be just as fatal as including an incompetent, incomplete, or inappropriate documentary introduction.

  • Cramming and Jamming

As the terms imply, these blunders occur when excessive information or data is included within cover letter sample contents. Not only does such an error create visual clutter; it is also an immediate turnoff to sustained reader interest. Rather, the primary objective must always remain introduction. Piquing the interest of your intended audience is the name of the game.

  • Grammar Errors

It is self-evident that a cover letter chock-full of incorrect grammar, misspellings, and improper punctuation does far more harm than good. Utilizing the spell-checker features so commonly incorporated within popular word processors is not a perfect solution, either. Such software routinely ignores or fails to detect many improper word occurrences like “form” instead of “from.”

  • Inferior Focus

In addition to the above errors of form, a major substantive error risked by those who opt for cover letter “self-creation” is inadequate emphasis on relevant ideas.  The profile of your intended audience, nature of the substantive content, purpose of your presentation, and the general circumstances in which it is presented and likely to be received must be accounted for. No prudent person, for instance, would ever want to use the same tone in an investment prospectus cover letter as that of an introductory “query” letter to a major publisher of children’s books.

The Important Ingredient? A Quality Cover Letter Sample

The foregoing discussion clearly illustrates how imperative it is to have the highest-quality cover letter sample at your disposal. Our comprehensive selection of customizable cover letter templates allow you to create the ideal combination for any presentation or special occasion.

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Cover Letter Templates

Flexible Cover Letter Templates Facilitate Career Success!

Currently, there are thousands of cover letter templates available online. Making the best choice from this colossal collection might seem impossible. Out of frustration and confusion, many web surfers who seek jobs simply give up and use the first template that shows up within search query results.

Taking such a tack is a tragic mistake that leads to needless heartbreak and failure. Following are some hints for wading through treacherous virtual “seas” of cover letters samples:

Using Cover Letter Templates for Attractive Visual Appearance


You know what they say – if you got it, flaunt it. So try to pick cover letter templates that allow you to show off your skills and talents.

Fabulous eye appeal is the first and foremost requirement of fantastic cover letter templates. Put yourself in the place of Human Resources personnel. Like other executives, their professional plates are full and time is always in short supply.

Thus, good cover letters must be both professional and eye-catching. Inadequate attention to detail quickly destroy your chances for further consideration. Quality cover letters must be concise, yet fully convey all pertinent personal and professional assets. Attaining this delicate balance is not easy.

Rising to the Occasion

Along these lines, it is essential to have an adequate supply of position-specific cover letter templates. It is imperative for the color scheme, format, and overall layout of your cover letter properly fit your intended purpose. For instance, kindergarten teaching applicants and new MBA graduates would want to project very different images in their respective resume cover letters.

Make a Statement

In addition to being the best fit for a given industry or position, a cover letter template must also be capable of conveying your individual personality. After all, everyone knows that managers, teachers, authors, and mail sorters do not think or act alike. Accordingly, good cover letters should reflect your unique problem-solving approach.

Content Is Key

Although overall visual aesthetics and format are vitally important, actual cover letter contents are also crucial. This makes cover letter templates with customization capability very valuable.

If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

Cover letter templates can be a great tool.

Your goal is to rapidly capture your intended recipient’s rapt attention very quickly. If you have pioneered or implemented some especially effective technique or trade or professional process, indicate this immediately. In the context of cover letter construction, modesty might be more costly than you think.

Imagine the ideal cover letter template as a gourmet meal appetizer. Whet would-be employers’ appetites with a smidgen of specific facts, figures and details. Examples include statements like “Increased gross sales revenues 300 percent in a single quarter,” or “Named ‘Employee of the Month’ three times within the same year.”

Including such tidbits in a cover letter are sure to get your resume retained and reviewed most thoroughly.

Alternating Angles

Applicants in today’s competitive job market must be both flexible and adaptable. Many people are reassessing prior experience with a view toward “transferable skills.” In other

words, they are asking themselves “what things have I done before that may be useful in other work settings?”

For instance, good cover letter templates can help a long-time switchboard operator break into a customer service career. This is done by emphasizing skills instead of specific prior positions.

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Cover Letter Example

The Right Cover Letter Example Can Increase Independent Contractors’ Success!

Using the right cover letter example can make you appear classy and together. So do it right.

The correct cover letter example has a huge impact upon long-term business success for all independent contractors. Hopeful applicants to high-level corporate spots must put their best foot forward. Independent contractors looking to win lucrative contracts also act likewise.

Query Cover Letter Sample

Freelance authors of all types of texts commonly utilize what is called a “query” letter in literary circles. This term is merely an industry-specific code word for “cover letter.” Query letters are typically attached to the front of manuscripts submitted to prospective publishers.

Their primary objective is to induce reader interest in the accompanying literary material. This is accomplished by a combination of effective layout, design, and text. In essence, query cover letter examples help devise ideal introductions for hard literary labors.

E-mail Cover Letter Example

In the current Information Age, electronically submitted proposals has become the norm. As in traditional papyrus-based platforms, making the proper initial impression is imperative. High-quality e-mail cover letter examples feature a variety of fonts, colors, icons, and logos.  This allows easy insertion and fast conversion into ideal introductions to any proposal.

Academic Cover Letter Example

Like the working world, Academia also demands exceptional exterior appearances of successful participants.  Applicants to prestigious

Ivy League schools must make outstanding impressions to sway admissions officers. So do those who competing for coveted fellowships and various research or teaching assistantships.

Having an adequate selection of specialized cover letter templates and samples can sway candidate review board decisions in your decided favor.

General Proposal Cover Letter Example

Like their literary counterparts, service providers in other industries can increase the odds of winning contracts and customers. Bolster the chances of your firm’s bid being accepted by utilizing a trade-specific coverletter example. Customizable features give you an enormous competitive edge by effectively presenting the most pertinent facts and data.

A plumbing firm might promote superior workmanship and materials to overcome prospect reluctance to proceed due to slightly higher fees. Likewise, landscaping companies can use cover letters to convey the long-term value of reduced maintenance and replanting costs most effectively.   Such unique cover letter characteristics can serve to really get the job done!

Mass-Mailing Coverletter Example

Mass marketing campaigns are another common commercial endeavor in which a quality cover letter example will have huge impact upon. Presenting an overall image of sophistry and competence is vital for businesses of all sizes. In fact, making the ideal impact on prospective consumers is even more imperative for smaller or new firms.  When trying to establish an online presence or new customer bases, a dramatic debut is essential.

Quite often, such businesses employ massive “targeted marketing” campaigns.  These large-scale efforts often include free product samples, discount coupons, or introductory pricing. Devising creative “door-opening” marketplace debuts is essential to divert such mailings from immediate consignment into dreaded “file 13” refuse bins.

Clearly, a superb cover letter example vastly enhances business credibility and the chances of being seriously considered by customers.

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Cover Letter Examples

Make a Major Difference With High-Quality Cover Letter Samples!


Having ample cover letter samples suitable for your personal needs is very important. In fact, it means the difference between success and failure. No matter what your motive for a given communication, proper form is pro forma.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

Your initial introduction sets the tone for all future interaction. If you needed a costly plumbing repair, would you want to work with someone wearing tattered clothes who arrives in a battered van and sports Stone Age pluming tools?

Or, would you rather do business with a professional who arrives in a shiny, late-model vehicle who wears a clean uniform and has the latest tools in hand?

The first person may actually have a lot of experience and be highly-qualified. The second may be a mere apprentice who has not even learned the basics. However, you are much more likely to have confidence in him or her. This is due to the outer aura of confidence and competence they exude.

The same holds true with written communications and visual presentations. Taking the lead by following a quality cover letter format is like hiring a tailor to design a custom-fit business suit in order to “dress for success.”

Free Cover Letter Samples: Not a One-Size Fits-All Proposition

Many online sites offer so-called “free” cover letter samples. Such “bargains” are not worthwhile. They almost always have some strings attached. Invariably, there is some kind of “catch.” Usually, you are unable to print, e-mail, or save the beautiful new cover letter you have worked so hard to construct that is displayed on your screen.  Unless, of course, you pay a substantial subscription fee or other charge.

Unlike unscrupulous competitors, we operate a tight ship.  Our operation is completely above-board. Our years of experience and specialized expertise help you put your best foot forward – the first time!

E-mail Cover Letter Samples

Don’t make the mistake of failing to polish electronic presentations to as high a gloss as that of your paper persona. Our e-mail cover letter examples distinguish you from the crowd of other applicants that bombard prospective employers.

Resume Cover Letter Samples

The right resume cover letter is essential for making a positive, lasting impact. This is what gets you seriously reviewed and subsequently interviewed. Whether a contact is “cold,“ a referral, or a job promotion solicitation, we have an appropriate resume cover letter sample.

Job-Specific Cover Letter Sample

Our enormous assortment of job-related cover letter templates let you work your way from general to specific. Our examples range from college and high school students’ summer applications to mid and upper-level managerial or professional positions.

Career-specific samples

We also provide cover letter samples categorized by career level. With our tremendous array of varieties and styles, you may pick the perfect samples for any job title.

Our comprehensive inventory includes cover letter templates for administrative, business, customer service, education, IT, managerial, marketing, retail, sales, and many other specialties.

Generalized Samples

In addition to the above categories, we offer a colossal supply of individually customizable templates. Inquiry letters for unadvertised openings and writer query cover letters are just two examples.

All of our extraordinary cover letter samples feature adjustable fonts, formats, and layout designs. You can even pick and choose from different cover letter samples to find that “just right” combination.